the SponMaster

A self-paced program that won't only help you secure the bag in brand collaborations, consistently be on-demand with repeat brand partners, but also learn how to build your business of influence like the CEO you are meant to be!


i want the exclusive offer!

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I have the upmost respect for Naomi. Before starting my journey I was clueless on how much I should be charging for partnerships and didn’t know how to negotiate with brands. I now feel confident when negotiating and have a better content creation strategy.

Abi, @theeecogoddess

You've built a huge momentum just by being yourself and sharing your story on the internet.

Your audience is going gaga over anything you post because you're so relatable, they see themselves in you and you're everyone's BFF. You've gained clarity over your personal brand. HAY, I SEE YOU.

Heck, maybe, you've caught the attention of some brands and you've accepted a collab here and there, and you're thinking ... oh em gee, I've made it!

But you still feel that something is missing.

The influencer gig you thought was gonna change your life is starting to feel like a rat race. You're still stuck at that dreadful 9-to-5 and you find yourself scrolling past (I'm sorry...comparing yourself to) influencers announcing their "I QUIT MY JOB" posts on your feed & asking yourself:

When is this ever gonna happen for me?

You are killing your content & social media game.


You're a small creator & you don't know when is the right time to start getting paid or how to get started working with brands

You don't know which brands are even legit to work with & you're constantly getting scammed

You're burnt out over too many collabs that don't pay well because all you know about rates is what the brand offers you & what the internet says

You are reaching out to brands, but you are getting ZERO's or NO's & you're already getting discouraged

You are getting plenty of gifted (or affiliate) offers, but don't know how to ask to be paid

Influencing & creating content is your side gig, but you still don't know the things you need to be mindful of to be in business for yourself

how would it feel to...

with your favorite brands, or even the brands you grew up using

Partner & collaborate

and find actual pitches from brands who want to pay you real money (not the pennies you've been offered)

Open your inbox

because you know where to draw the line and you don't give discounts because you're Gucci

have the confidence to say no

who trusts you with their pain points and you create solutions for them that you can monetize

impact your community

you drag your feet to every day
because you make more money than what your job is willing to pay you

finally quit that 9-5

and customize the life you've always wanted because you know how to leverage your skills for profit, when to take risks, where to invest and create the biz of your dreams

Become the CEO you were meant to be

i want the discount!

wanna know what it feels like to replace a 6-figure income?

It's time to check those limiting beliefs at the door. Because we're about to create a business of influence that is all yours.

And trust me... you don't even need 10,000 followers.

introducing the SponMaster

a comprehensive program designed to help aspiring & active influencers, bloggers & creators master how they can monetize their creativity & influence online.

here's what you'll learn inside the SponMaster:

next module

introduction to brand partnerships

⟶ What is influencer marketing?
⟶ The brand-to-influencer relationship
⟶ Ways to Partner/Collaborate with a Brand

module 1

the creator audit

⟶ Posturing yourself to be exactly who brands are looking for
⟶ Social Media/Creative Skills Audit
⟶ Reading your metrics and demographics
⟶ Your Special Recipe

module 2

building your portfolio

⟶ What is a Media Kit & what should go on it?
⟶ Pitch decks & Presentations
⟶ Creating Case Studies
⟶ Media Kit Templates and examples

module 3

pitching to brands

⟶ When is the right time to pitch to brands?
⟶ Finding the right brands
⟶ Pitching Principles
⟶ Anatomy of a Pitch that converts
⟶ Pitch Templates
⟶ Pitching Process & Expectations
⟶ Influencer Platforms - the Good, the Ugly

module 4

setting your rates

⟶ The Truth about rate calculators & rate sheets
⟶ Figuring out your rates (includes IG, TikTok, YouTube)
⟶ Charging for usage rights, whitelisting, boosting, ads, exclusivity
⟶ Building rate packages
⟶ How to be intuitive of the Brand's budget

module 5

the art of negotiation

⟶ Your Mindset Around Negotiation
⟶ Negotiating Principles
⟶ Product Seeding, Gifted Partnerships and Affiliate Partnerships
⟶ Navigating scam offers
⟶ Navigating brand emails
⟶ Things you can Negotiate
⟶ Real Life Email Exchange Examples
⟶ Expectations when the partnership falls through

module 6

executing the partnership

⟶ Accepting the Offer
⟶ How to read contracts
⟶ Reading the Content Guidelines
⟶ Looking at the Results & Reporting

module 7

legal and accounting

⟶ Reviewing Collaboration Contracts in detail
⟶ FTC disclosure rules
⟶ Invoicing, Payment terms and fees for collaborations
⟶ Keeping track of your expenses and income for taxes
⟶ What you can expense as a creator/influencer

module 8

Post partnership - building long-term

⟶ Building Strong Relationships with Brands
⟶ How to overdeliver post partnership
⟶ Follow Up email templates

module 9

influencer management

⟶ Do you need a manager?
⟶  How to find the right manager
⟶  Management mythbusters

module 10

Gain access to 10 modules of expert-level training that will turn you from a hobbyist to a full-time business of influence!

module 9

module 1

module 2

module 3

module 4

module 5

module 6

module 7

module 10

module 8

but don't just take my word for it,

hear it from my students

hear from alyssa

Alyssa is a mindset and self-love content creator who was looking for a course that went deeper than the run of the mill Instagram courses. Hear from her about her takeaways from SponMaster!

I know you’re mastering creating content. Your online community loves you and you’re earning their trust. Your following is growing exponentially. Brands are flooding your inbox and your DMs.

But you were hoping to be making a full-time career out of it by now, and you’re still not confident you can leave that 9-to-5 that’s draining you. You don’t know how other influencers you follow are landing collabs you know you’d be perfect for. The brands you thought would pay you the big bucks are offering you basically nothing as compensation. They’re making you take their max offer because it’s what they’ve paid everyone and you feel like you don’t have a choice but to take it.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Be your 100% authentic self and create impact in people’s lives that makes a difference that’s contagious (instead of constantly holding yourself back because your employer controls your salary and your future in the company)

Align your life with your purpose, attract the right community, and therefore, attract the brands (and customers) who will pay for your time and expertise

Find yourself saying NO to brands who use gaslighting as a manipulation tactic to devalue your worth

Have scheduled naps in the middle of the day without anyone policing where you spend your hours on

Add an additional income stream that will allow you to reach some financial goals (maybe debt, a new car, or a downpayment for a house…reach for the stars, babe!)

Take time off to travel whenever you want and have the choice to extend your stay because a long weekend isn’t enough time to enjoy your time

There’s no such thing as the perfect time. But there is such a thing as regret. Don’t wait 10 years to go by and tell yourself “I missed out”. Life is too short to never manifest a dream. 

Tell me, what’s it worth for you to:

are you ready to trade in-kind & penny offers for livable income and beyond?

i'm your new bff, gal pal


meet your coach

I'm an online educator, lifestyle content creator and microinfluencer based in Los Angeles with an audience of over 120,000 across the world wide web. I'm also a talent agent over at Boost Society, where I help influencers negotiate their collaborations. I love helping creators, bloggers and influencers to not only monetize their influence online, but also create impact that drives change and have a fully-realized influential business.

I've been influencing since 2012, and for most of my career, I absolutely had no idea what I was doing.

I didn't know what I was worth, and I thought I needed over 50,000 followers to turn this gig into a career. So I treated it like a hobby and stayed with my engineering job.

But just like every run-of-the-mill story you've probably heard, the more I got promoted and led the multimillion-dollar projects of my dreams, the more miserable I became working in the corporate world.

hi, i'm naomi

as seen in

So I gave myself 2 years to diversify and create new streams of income, and influencing sparked my exit strategy.

I came back to Instagram with new intentions and purpose: I wanted to help others live a life of purpose and create real, deep impact in the world. But the comeback wasn't easy at all.

There was A LOT OF LEARNING AND UNLEARNING involved. But I knew that if I really wanted to make my timeline work, I had to stop treating my influencer career like a hobby and start working it like a business.

I had every intention in juggling my 9-to-5 and my side biz until I can just live off my business income. BUT COVID HAPPENED, and my company laid me off in September of 2020. So I had no choice but to dive in and take more risks.

I felt like all the hard work I put in was worth more than the 2-3 weeks of vacation.

i've brought in $165,000+ in brand partnerships as a microinfluencer, and have helped my clients and students secure $1 million+ in the last 2 years. i've also managed to create 3 additional income streams, and added 10 people to my team sharing everything I've learned over the last ten years!

With all the years of trial and error, and my student-like mentality to find solutions for influencers' pain points, I've developed a program that will give you the tools to duplicate these results.

I'm passionate about sharing everything that I've learned over the last 10 years in the influencer industry, and I honestly just want to be one thing for you: that person I wish I had when I first started. So there's no fluff in the way I teach, which I hope you will come to appreciate.

In the last 4 years..

with the strategies that i will share inside the SponMaster, I've been able to:

Retire from my structural engineering and project management career at 31... FOR GOOD.

Replace my 6-figure income and hit continuous $20-30k months by diversifying my income streams.

and collaborations with brands like 7 For All Mankind, Amazon, eBay, Disney, Dunkin, the MLB, OLLY, Target, Teachable, Sephora and more!


It's one thing to accomplish this for myself, it's a different ballgame when you duplicate your results for others.
I've helped my students and clients secure partnerships with

I believe in my heart that this can totally be you! And I want to help you get there, inside the SponMaster.

i want to be next!

...and gets to the point which is why enrolling in her program was a no brainer. She personally helps anyone who has a question inside the Facebook group. She guides you through from beginning to end of your brand collaboration process to make sure you are confident and successful. I’d recommend this program to anyone looking to become an profitable influencer and content creator. 

tierraney r.

One thing that sets Naomi apart is she cuts the fluff...

This year I started transitioning my online presence into a business, and needed structure to set myself up for success. Now I’m more confident in what I bring to the table and feel well-equipped to execute partnerships. I appreciated having the FB group to engage with the other students and ask Naomi questions. She was so prompt with her responses. The modules were clear and concise. She provided helpful worksheets and samples. I had a couple partnerships in progress while doing the course and used what I was learning in real-time.

Lindsey G.

SponMaster is an amazing course to learn more about the business of social media.

Yes, caps ARE necessary. She IS that good. I have invested in a TON of programs but Naomi's would be at the top of my list. I have not seen anyone else break down HOW to actually HANDLE complex negotiations, AND help you embrace your WORTH as a creator at the same time. I would not know HOW to price, or be as CONFIDENT in my cost as a creator without her. I cannot reccomend her as a person, a coach, or a course more! 

Alyssa B.


Are you ready to say YES and become a part of the $16.4 billion influencer marketing economy?

Then you need the SponMaster in your backpocket!

⟶ The SponMaster course, packed with 10 modules of lectures, templates, real life examples and more! ($2,997 value)
⟶ Lifetime access to all course updates ($997 value)
⟶ Lifetime access to The SponMaster Members-Only Facebook Group ($499 value)
⟶ (6) Monthly Live Q&A/Coaching with yours truly ($1,495 value)
⟶ Naomi’s entire library of pitch email templates, negotiation scripts, follow up email templates ($997 value)
⟶ Naomi’s easy-to-use Canva Media Kit Templates ($197 value)

count me in!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

hear from erin

Working with Naomi and getting her feedback has allowed me to finally start charging what I'm worth and because of that, I've seen significant income!

and as if that wasn't already value-packed...

I wanted to include something invaluable that can catapult your success as an influencer and an entrepreneur that makes The SponMaster stand out:



When you join The SponMaster, you'll get immediate lifetime access to our exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group, filled with dreamers like you.

It's bad enough that there are people around you who don't get the big picture of you wanting to pursue being an influencer. Now you'll have a supportive community where you can ask me or your classmates for real-time help, share your struggles and come up with solutions together!

and you know what else?

you'll get 6 monthly 1-hour LIVE Q&A's with me.

Every month, you'll get the chance to ask me your questions on brand collaborations, negotiating your offers, how much to charge brands, and anything else about your influencer biz!  

added together, that's a $7,182 VALUE!

payment plan


up to 18 payments of

best value - 2 hours ONLY!

$1397 $1097

one payment of

save $487 if you pay in full!


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I have no followers. Will this help me grow my social media? ⟶

No. Although Naomi is knowledgeable in growing on social media, this program will solely help you monetize on social media through brand partnerships, as well as teach you how to set up your influencer business properly, which is just as important if you want to play the long game.

Will we have immediate access to everything once we enroll? How long will it take me to finish the course?

The SponMaster is designed to be taken at your own pace, but the modules will be dripped over 14 days to ensure you take action as you work your way through the course.

 Does this work for people who are not US based?

Yes! While Naomi’s experience is US-based, all of the strategies you’ll learn in the course are applicable to wherever you are located. We also have a handful of Canadian guest teachers doing bonus masterclasses! If you are outside the US/Canada region, we will make sure you feel well-equipped.

 Does this only cover Instagram?

The SponMaster course will teach you how to charge and work with brands for Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

I just started my influencer journey. Do I need a huge following to be a fit for this course?

Not at all! This course is for every creator, blogger or influencer on every level of their career, because guess what? Follower count isn't the only metric that matters when pricing your work and services. Plus, you get to learn about other ways you can monetize your value online. Remember: you don't need to be amazing to start, but you need to start to be amazing.

What if I’ve never done a paid collaboration?

You don’t need to have ever landed a paid brand collab in order to enroll in the SponMaster. Naomi has designed this course for every creator, blogger or influencer at every stage in their career.

WIll you connect us with brands or teach us how to do it on our own?

The SponMaster is designed to teach you how to reach out to brands on your own and how to get connected to them (aka find the right contact that handles brand partnerships).

Will I have the opportunity to work with you personally if I have additional questions?

If you have follow-up questions from the course, or need personalized guidance, you have access to our members-only Facebook group where we will constantly be checking in to answer questions or clarify anything from the course. You will also have access to my monthly live Q&A's where you can ask Naomi for help in real time.

Is this online course refundable? What if I change my mind?

We’re absolutely confident that you will learn a lot from The SponMaster and create results for yourself, just like how Naomi has helped her students and clients. However, after helping hundreds of influencers and creators create proven results through our programs, we no longer offer refunds. We are confident that the strategies inside The SponMaster WORK (if you do!).

Please make sure you are 100% committed before enrolling. We are happy to answer any questions you have to make sure our offers are the right fit for you beforehand! You can read our policy here.

I have more questions. Is there someone I can contact before I purchase?

We would love to clarify any questions or concerns you have before you make any investments. Send an email to and we will get back to you ASAP.

  Have more questions about the course? Email us: