Content You Need to Create To Secure Your First 4-figure Brand deal

Have you been daydreaming about the moment your favorite brands are showing up on your inbox, asking to partner with YOU, but you're stumped because you think you're too small?

WAKE UP. The dreaming stops today because YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to work with brands! Let me save you hours of scrolling through Google, Instagram and TikTok for the "secret strategy" nobody wants to share.

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Just for showing up, I'll send you my "Inbound to On Demand" email response guide, so you'll know exactly what to do and what to say when a brand sends you an email or a DM (and I've included most of the common scenarios!)

It's not a secret anymore: brands are investing in influencers and content creators now more than ever... because it freaking works! Influencers are the best way for brands to reach their consumers.

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Influencer marketing is projected to grow into a $605 billion industry by 2027.

I will show you exactly what kind of content you should focus on creating today, so you can see emails flooding your inbox with collaboration offers from your dream brands.

in this masterclass, you'll learn:

Why influencer marketing is a booming multi-billion dollar industry and that you have a part to play, no matter how small your following is

The 3 types of content you need to be creating today to grab the brand's attention, why they're important and how to create them effectively

How you can leverage your most important content to become the right influencer to collaborate with brands

Why you don't need a large following to become a paid influencer and content creator

How you can maximize your content to create other streams of income outside of working with brands

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I've been a microinfluencer for a decade, and after getting laid off of my job as a structural engineer, I built an influencer business that has just surpassed my 6-figure salary! Today, I get the pleasure of helping and teaching other people how to create their own business of influence, as an influencer coach and a talent manager.

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing other people succeed and customize the life they've always dreamed of. Because of my guidance, many of my clients and students have developed the confidence in charging their worth, scaled their personal brands, increased the quantity and quality in their communities, and secured over $400,000 in brand partnerships with brands like Hello Fresh, Lulus, Adore Me, TooFaced and more!

Inside this masterclass, I’m going to show you exactly how you can create the same momentum that will help you land consistent collaborations.

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When you show up to my LIVE Masterclass, you’ll receive my "Inbound to On Demand" email response guide.

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