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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in Tulum

Hands down, every time I head down to Tulum, Mexico, or even post a photos from Tulum dining spots, the number one question I get is something along the lines of,

Naomi, where should I eat in Tulum?

With so many places to grab food in Tulum to choose from, you might not even know where to start looking, but I gotchu boo!

Tulum is a foodie’s dream come true! With so many great options, this guide will help you find the absolute best places to eat in Tulum. From Instagrammable Tulum cafes to cheap places to eat in Tulum, this guide has it all!

Best Restaurants in Tulum

I’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best restaurants in Tulum. In this guide, you’ll find places to eat in Tulum broken down by three categories: budget-friendly food in Tulum (under $10 USD per meal), Mid-range Tulum dining spots ($11 – $25 USD per meal), and Luxury Tulum dining ($26+ USD per meal).

Find out what each of these Tulum dining spots has on the menu, things to know (like which places accept cards – most are cash only), and even some of my personal choices on where to eat in Tulum.

The 22 Best Restaurants in Tulum


A Few Tips and Advice

Most Tulum dining spots will know how to speak English. They will usually ask you a question in Spanish, but if you’re not versed on the basics of ordering la comida en Español, you can just tell them you don’t speak the language, or “no hablo Español”, and they’re usually happy to switch to English.

Bring cash! Most places to eat in Tulum only accept cash and this is especially important if you want to explore the pueblo (town) area. The restaurants in Tulum that accept credit cards are likely going to be in the Mid-range to Luxury categories, but even places in those categories can be cash only.

Best Restaurants in Tulum

Tipping is part of the custom. It’s normal in Tulum to tip between 10% to 15% of your bill and best to do so in pesos. Sometimes, it’s already added in, so just be sure to check your bill over when you get it.

COVID precautions are being taken. Most restaurants have hand sanitizer at the door and restaurant staff are required to wear masks at the very least. Some take your temperature, but outdoor or open Tulum dining spots are more lax with their COVID safety. Most places to eat in Tulum have QR code or digital menus available.

Most of these places to eat in Tulum are totally Instagrammable. Make sure you have your snatched vacay outfit and your camera ready, and get those FOMO worthy shots before you dig in those delicious bites!

Budget Friendly Restaurants

If you’re on a budget or want to save a few dollars, these are the best restaurants in Tulum where you can get a meal for under $10 USD.

1. Antojitos la Chiapaneca

Food in Tulum Antojitos La Chiapaneca

A place that’s always full of locals, this is often said to be one of the best places to eat in Tulum for tacos. It’s also the cheapest place! I took my fellow creator, Teresa (@teresaannmoon) here, and we only paid about $7 USD for our entire lunch (with alcohol)! Try the al pastor tacos. The menu also has tortas and other snacks so you’re not limited, but keep in mind they’re closed on Mondays.

best restaurants in Tulum Antojitos La Chiapaneca

2. El Sudaca

There are a few other things on the menu, but this is THE best restaurant in Tulum for Argentinian empanadas. It was by my friend, Clare (@drivingmenomad) who is currently a Tulum expat, and owned by an Argentinian so you know it’s real! They have about 12 varieties of empanadas with fillings like traditional beef and onion, mushrooms, gouda cheese, chicken, or Huitlacoche (Mexican truffle).

3. La Coqueta

food in Tulum La Coqueta

With most items between $70-100MXN, most people talk about the shrimp fajitas or the plates (the huge octopus is popular!) that come with rice and beans. Every meal comes with chips and salsa on the table, so you have to try the spicy salsas if you have the tolerance for them! It’s also great for breakfast (my huevos rancheros are my favorite), but don’t forget about their margaritas too.

Best Restaurants in Tulum La Coqueta

4. Restaurante Juanita

If you’re visiting Parque Dos Ojos and looking for a place to eat, head to Restaurante Juanita. They’ve got combo plates to fill you up if you get hungry in between swimming in the various beautiful cenotes at this park.

5. Ki’bok

For the caffeine fiends out there, it’s said that Ki’bok is the place to go for the best coffee and espresso drinks in Tulum. All the coffee is organic and grown in Mexico.

6. Tunich

Food in Tulum Tunich

2-for-1 cocktails? Yes, please! And the fact that Tunich offers this deal everyday from 2pm-7pm definitely makes it one of the best places to eat in Tulum. Before 2pm, they have a full brunch/lunch menu with huevos (eggs), burritos, tacos, and smoothie and quinoa bowls. To accompany those double cocktails, after 2pm you can get anything from ceviche to enchiladas, quesadillas, and even hamburgers.

Teresa and I loved the fact that Tunich is open by 7am because we needed coffee before heading out to shoot content and drive to the cenotes. We also came back a second time here for their smoothies, and we love that they were fresh and weren’t watered down.

Food in Tulum Tunich

7. Burrito Amor

With a variety of filling choices for vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, and carnivores, you can call this spot the best Tulum dining spot for burritos. The flavorful ingredients are wrapped in handmade tortillas (flour or gluten-free coconut are available) and the burritos themselves come wrapped in banana leaves – how cool! If you’re feeling thirsty, try one of the light signature cocktails or fresh squeezed juices.

8. Prieto Tulum

best restaurants in Tulum Prieto 2

Want something healthy to eat in Tulum? Head over to Prieto Tulum for their coffee, frozen yogurt, fresh juices, acai bowls, or bagels. Perfect place for a refreshing drink or snack.

best restaurants in Tulum Prieto

9. Pasito Tun Tun

You think I wouldn’t include bars? I gotchu. Known for their mezcal cocktails, Pasito Tun Tun is a laid-back cocktail bar with a friendly atmosphere. They also have a wide selection of tequila and feature live bands or a DJ, usually after 10pm.

Mid-Range Restaurants

The next set of places are the best restaurants in Tulum if you have a few more dollars to spend, but don’t wanna totally ball out.

10. Raw Love Tulum

best restaurants in Tulum Raw Love

Love superfood smoothies and bowls? What about wellness elixirs and drinks? Or how does raw pad Thai sound? How about the iconic avo toast? Having all these options on their menu, Raw Love Tulum is definitely one of the best restaurants in Tulum for vegans! Located inside the Ahau Tulum property, I just love the entire atmosphere at Raw Love.

Tulum dining spots Raw Love

AND, not to mention, the entire property is Instagrammable! Snap a pic for the ‘gram at one of the most popular spots for photos on Tulum beach, then walk inside to grab a bite at Raw Love! My sister and I got acai bowls for breakfast here last year before heading to the Tulum Jungle Gym for our lifting sesh.

11. La Corriente Nais

Tulum dining spots La Corriente Nais

Not only is La Corriente Nais one of the few places which accept cards, you can also make a reservation on OpenTable. Have some fresh oysters for your appetizer, come here for the ceviche and while you’re at it, try the grilled food/tacos (again, octopus is a popular option!) and check out their cocktail menu. I had a margarita con pepino here and it was absolutely refreshing!

Tulum dining spots La Corriente Nais

12. Encanto Cantina

Tulum dining spots Encanto Cantina

Their menu features a range of dishes for seafood or meat lovers as well as vegetarians alike. With ingredients that are organic and locally supplied or from their own garden, Encanto Cantina is one of the best restaurants in Tulum (pueblo) for traditional and local flavors. Staying true to Mexico, their cocktails are made of fresh and natural fruits such as lemon, mango, and soursop, and wines they feature are made within the country. It’s definitely a very romantic place to take your s/o because of the ambient lighting. Not to mention, they have a DJ that comes in at night where you can get your groove on at the dance floor!

13. Matcha Mama

best restaurants in Tulum Matcha Mama 2

Did you even go to Tulum if you didn’t visit Matcha Mama and snap one for the ‘gram? All jokes aside, you can grab a coffee, smoothie or one of the acai bowls at this popular Tulum restaurant that you’ve seen all over Instagram. As a matcha connoisseur, their matcha lattes are sub par, but I would absolutely go back for their smoothie bowls (and the cute photo op).

best restaurants in Tulum Matcha Mama 1

14. La Zebra

Tulum dining spots La Zebra

7pm and craving breakfast? Head to La Zebra, which is one of the best restaurants in Tulum along the beach. Their all day breakfast menu has tres leches pancakes and western classics you can choose from. They’ve also got a bunch of choices for lunch and dinner. Their fish tacos are delicious, and their ceviche is also something to try!

best restaurants in Tulum La Zebra

Being part of the Mulberry Project, you can DIY your own cocktail or enjoy one of their “Spicy,” “Refreshing,” or “Sophisticated” house specialties. I had the waiter make me spicy margaritas last year, and it made such a great mark that I had to return here this year to get it again. Margaritas (and pitchers!) or local craft beer are also available to satisfy whatever your drink needs are.

Luxury Restaurants

For some of the best atmospheres and high-quality food, these luxurious spots are the best restaurants in Tulum if you’ve got the money to spend. Or hey, grab an app and a cocktail, and just let paradise sink in.

15. Bak Restaurante

best restaurants in Tulum Bak

Featuring a seafood bar with oysters and more, the best cuts of meat from around the world (Kobe beef, Black Onyx, and USDA prime), grilled/roasted dishes, and “Around the World” options like Alaskan king crab or Mediterranean octopus, it’s no wonder some have touted Bak Restaurante as one of the best restaurants in Tulum. Their cocktail menu brings to life their concept of the cosmos meeting earth with drinks like, “First Light,” “Citric Bloom,” and “Miracle.”

Tulum dining spots Bak

Teresa and I went here for drinks and dessert, and I tried a few of their mezcal and tequila cocktails that definitely did not disappoint! “Hot Apricot” was easily my favorite (can you tell that I love spicy drinks haha!). As for dessert, we tried both of their sorbets, and they were honestly too pretty to eat! The restaurant itself is luxurious from the inside out, with tree barks surrounding the place. They also have a DJ with a great playlist, and even have a guest violinist performing for the crowd! Bak is quickly one of the best Tulum dining spots for date night, in my opinion.

16. Be Tulum

Being the total opposite of the usual “Cash Only” policy, Be Tulum is credit/debit card only. Or you can bill your room if you’re staying there. Featuring smoothies, eggs, and a “Friends of Green” section, their breakfast menu is great for vegans and vegetarians. Grab some tacos, wood oven dishes, a sandwich, or even risotto or pasta for lunch. And for dinner, there is an extensive menu with six sections ranging from starters to sweets.

If you want to grab a drink, their House Cocktails are made of fresh and fruity flavors, while they also have beer, mezcal, tequila and other Mexican spirits to choose from. Tip: they’re closed for 30 minutes to an hour between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner. Another tip: if you want to grab a cabana to lay out at the beach, grab a cocktail & some tapas, and they make you feel like royalty.

17. Real Coconut

best places to eat in Tulum Real Coconut

Looking for 100% dairy/gluten/grain free options? Then Real Coconut is one of the best restaurants in Tulum for you. Their eggs and chicken are organic, and they only cook with avocado oil here. With plant-focused options for any meal, like plantain pancakes for breakfast, various tacos for lunch, and tapas for dinner there’s no shortage of options. Their healthy drink menu is full with green smoothies, ice cream smoothies, probiotic and wellness elixirs, a broth bar, and the usual coffee, tea, cocktails, and wine.

best places to eat in Tulum Real Coconut

My top picks? Try the yucca croquettes and the plantain quesadillas! I’m not usually one to love vegan food, but I’d go vegan for these bites!

18. Taboo

Inspired by the basic elements, Taboo created their must-try mixology menu based on Fire, Earth, Air, Water. To further indulge in the concept inspired by these elements, try the salt-crusted fish which is flambeed table side. But if seafood isn’t your thing, this Tulum dining spot also has Kobe beef and authentic handmade pasta.

19. Nomade

best restaurants in Tulum Nomade

This Tulum dining spot features holistic cuisine and Moroccan-style seating, which makes for some great IG shots. The beach club menu is simple with salads, appetizers, and a couple of lobster linguine dishes, while the dinner menu has more choices like a mushroom tostada, tabbouleh, lamb, or salt fish. Order cocktails, juices, smoothies or wine by the glass or bottle from their drink menu too.

best restaurants in Tulum Nomade

20. Kin Toh

Azulik’s restaurant is known as one of the best Tulum dining spots because of its aesthetic design. Private, outdoor “nests” paired with their thoughtfully crafted signature drinks, seemingly endless list of 600+ wines, or the unique Mayan-Mexican signature cuisine make it an awesome spot for a sunset dining experience. I wish it was open to the public when Teresa and I were there, but I believe they reopened as of October. A minimum $25 USD consumption fee applies and is charged to a credit card when you arrive.

21. Gitano

Having 50+ varieties of mezcal from Oaxaca, Gitano might just be the one of the best restaurants in Tulum for mezcal cocktails. Their “Modern Mexican Kitchen” consists of tostadas, quesadillas, plates of whole roasted fish or slow-roasted pork belly, tacos with shrimp, mushroom-camote, or brisket, and even desserts.

22. Hartwood

To round up this ultimate guide of the best restaurants in Tulum, consider Hartwood – a restaurant with no set menu. Being “off grid” by using solar panels for power and cooking on a handmade open-fire wood burning oven, Hartwood’s menu changes daily based on what is available from local farms and ranches. Talk about sustainability! Note, they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Where to eat in Tulum Tulum dining spots Best places to eat in Tulum


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