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I Wanna Become an Influencer Part 4: Grow Organically on Instagram

In such a saturated influencer space, is it still possible to organically grow your Instagram?

AB SO LUTE LY! Since there are a plethora of people who never bothered to learn Instagram’s algorithm, some have turned to bots and third party solutions to grow their account. Unfortunately, Instagram has gotten smarter over the past 2 years in detecting these (bc they are, after all, illegal).

There are so many ways to grow your Instagram following the right way, and it starts with building the right foundation (with purpose and strategy) and understanding how the algorithm behaves. Here are some (of the many) strategies that I have tried and tested myself over the last 7 years being in the influencer world. ENJOY!

1. First impressions mean everything.

The average attention span of a human being is 8 seconds. A potential follower has about 8 seconds to decide whether or not you’re a person they want to follow, so you have to make sure that they know from the first glance what to expect from you and your content. Think of your Instagram as a portfolio or a resume. Your profile should paint a picture of who you are.

2. Take advantage of everything that Instagram offers.

Similar to what I said last week about using ALL 51 ways Instagram offers to boost your individual post up the algorithm, the same goes for your profile.

  • Static Feed (Photo, Video, Carousel – up to 10)
  • IGTV (with the option to post on your static feed)
  • Instagram Stories (using the polls, questions and sticker options)
  • Story Highlights
  • Adding call-to-actions (ie. Share, Save, Turn On Notifications, Swipe Up links, etc.)

3. Do some Instagram flirting.

Have you ever done Instagram flirting with a person you liked? MASS LIKES? MASS COMMENTS? REACTING TO THEIR
STORIES? You can apply these same strategies to your followers and your potential followers!


  • This will trigger the algorithm to push you to the top of your followers’ feeds (even more if they engage back)
  • Potential followers will likely check out your profile and give you a follow (make sure you follow TIP # 1)
  • Everyone appreciates some INSTAGRAM LOVE (also please use this tip with authenticity and not just because you want followers)


I thought you’d never ask! Here’s a complete PDF with 3 more tips on how to grow your Instagram. It’s definitely much more detailed, mailing straight to your inbox…I GOTCHU!


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I really hope y’all got a lot of value from this influencer mini-series! It was a lot of work to put together, but it was fun sharing my wisdom with you all. See you on the other side, and happy growing!


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