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Successfully Monetize your Instagram Up to $5k/mo on Collabs – The Influencer Starter Kit

This is probably you:

  • you take killer pics on Instagram (everything for da ‘gram)
  • you rock dem anglez
  • you look up to a lot of influencers
  • you write thought-provoking and clever captions
  • people all over the ‘gram love it when you post a beautiful photo or a fun video

…and you’ve gained quite a bit of a following, but you

  • are still completely lost on how influencers are making money on Instagram with collaborations
  • are tired of being scammed by bot comments and spam DMs, making you believe that buying at a discount makes you a “sponsored” influencer
  • are getting a lot of gifted collabs, but don’t know how to turn them into paid partnerships
  • find yourself slaving for too many collabs to reach a certain quota each month because you’re not landing high-paid brand partnerships.

It sounds like you were me 2 years ago.

That’s why I created the Influencer Starter Kit* just for you.

influencer starter kit

This kit contains the EXACT tools and strategies I use to land 4-figure brand partnerships as an influencer… NOW at your fingertips!

Imagine this:

  • Land collaborations with your favorite brands, or even with the brands you grew up using
  • Open up your email and find actual pitches from brands who want to pay you
  • land your dream collaborations that’s profitable enough to add extra $$ in your pocket, or turn your influencer into your career.

By trial and error in brand partnerships for the past 7 years, aligning my brand with my purpose and fostering the right audience, I developed a process that enabled me to leverage my strengths and convert my influence into landing 4-figure collaborations.

Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase today*:

  • 5 Lightroom mobile presets, designed specifically to suit BIPOC skintones
  • 3 pitch templates that I use every day to reach out to brands that land me 4-figure brand collaborations
  • an easy-to-use 1-Page Media Kit template, and
  • “The Ultimate Guide to Landing your First Collab” eBook, a 36-page PDF loaded with 60+ strategies that will help you
    • land (more) paid collabs
    • turn gifted collabs into paid partnerships, and
    • get paid more for what you’re truly worth as a creator

Heck Yes I Want It!

And with that, I just wanted to say…

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting me on my journey. You being here on my blog alone is priceless already.

I am incredibly honored and humbled that you deem me worthy enough to teach you what I know about brand partnerships in the influencer industry. I wouldn’t be where I am today, following my dream, if it weren’t for you.


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