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Influencer Spotlight – Linda Elaine @iamlindaelaine

Linda Elaine is a lifestyle and health/wellness blogger based in Los Angeles. She has about 162,000 subscribers on YouTube with about 14 million views! She also recently launched her own cosmetics line, Enialē Cosmetics, and she has a beautiful line of matte lipsticks specifically designed to be inclusive, especially for the melanin-rich people.

I met Linda at a Xomad private event, with other influencers, back in 2015, and we have been keeping up with each other since. At the time, I was having trouble connecting with influencers who were genuine when I was still a beauty blogger, and she was one of those women who is truly authentic and had a vibrant aura. I just love how incredibly real she is, her positive energy, and her outlook on life and holistic growth. It’s definitely an honor to have her talk about her brand, advocating for holistic health, body positivity and embracing our own uniqueness.

What do you create on social media and your YouTube?

I believe in holistic healing, spreading positive vibes and sharing my joys and passions through blogging. I focus on lifestyle, beauty, health/wellness and traveling. I like to show my life through a lens in order to inspire others in a positive way.

What inspired you to create Eniale Cosmetics? What is your goal for your brand in 5 years?

My biggest inspiration on creating Enialē Cosmetics was filling the gap for melanin-rich people who loved a natural makeup look. I’ve always been the girl who preferred nude makeup and, for years, “nude lipsticks” were never inclusive to women who look like me. I used to mix 3 shades and lip liner to achieve my own nude lip color. Until one day, I said, “why can’t I create my own for all the people my hue and darker who also loved a fresh face makeup look!”

My goal for Enialē in the next 5 years is to expand, not only globally, but to have an array of products that remain inclusive to melanin-rich skin all over. I want to inspire people from all over by having products that enhance their own natural beauty: not cover it up! Enialē Cosmetics stands by, “Be your own expression of beautiful”!

What does being a Black woman mean to you?

Being a black woman, to me, means breaking down barriers! I’ve always wanted to change the way a black woman is seen through the eyes of others. We are stereotyped no matter our background, education or beliefs. From my youth, I’ve always gone outside of what was seen as normal! Before the natural hair movement, I stopped relaxing my hair because I wanted to inspire other black women to love their hair for what it truly was. My loc journey has only been an extension of that as I want to see more women and men with locs in a positive light without negative stigmas attached!

Being BLACK is being FEARLESS! If we don’t make a change and start to embrace and love our true form, then how can we ever expect to be positively acknowledged?

Is there a specific Black woman from history, or even from today, who inspires you?

That’s a hard question for me as I’m inspired daily by women that I come across on social media, as well as throughout history. There are so many positive souls on social media with positive messages that we all should be spreading! But two main people that have a beautiful place in my heart are Maya Angelou and Dorothy Dandridge.

Maya gave me the inspiration to write poetry when I was younger; I’ve always been an introvert so poetry became my voice. Her poems spoke truth, and my poems spoke my truth when I couldn’t!

Dorothy gave me confidence because she was a beautiful black woman in a time that we weren’t seen as beautiful. She exuded confidence, a feminine energy that was unmatched, pose and beauty!

We see that you are a huge advocate for meditation. What are your top tips for people who are interested in starting this habit?

Meditation to me is life! It can change any negative thoughts to positive with a shift in your mindset.

My top tips for getting into a habit of meditating would be:

  • Before you open your eyes, give gratitude; saying thank you for even the smallest of things will begin to change your life perspective
  • No matter your schedule, make time for YOU! A minimum of ten minutes should be used to work on decompressing and taking the time to learn who you really are. What drives you to get out of bed every day?
  • Focus on breathing! Begin breathing deeply and letting your diaphragm expand when you inhale and release all negative vibes when you exhale. Know that it’s okay in the beginning if you cannot shut your thoughts out completely, but overtime just know you will be able to control your thoughts.

Are there challenges or struggles that are different between being Afro-Latina and African American?

To be honest, I feel the challenges as an Afro-Latina and an African American are one in the same. We aren’t accepted fully in either of our communities based on the color of our skin and texture of our hair. We are one in the same: constantly fighting for the same exact battles, so we must stick together!

What is something you wish to change about the beauty industry? What about the influencer industry?

I wish to change the beauty and influencer industry by showing the rainbow of people that truly exist. There is not a set standard of beauty! I want people to know one idealism of what beauty does not represent the masses. I want to see women and men of all hues; I want to see locs, afros, curly hair; thick, skinny and muscular. We all come in different sizes and colors, so why not highlight that, so that people from all over (especially children) can truly learn to love themselves?

What is something you wish non-Black people could understand? How can we, as allies, change what we’re doing to create an actual impact?

I wish non-Black people could understand that when you choose to be silent or turn your cheek, you’re already choosing a side. I also want them to understand they will never know the rooted pain that is instilled in our DNA, so please do not try and compare it. All that we want is for you to take your privileges and shape a new future. In your workspace, when you see injustice, speak up. Support Black-owned businesses just as you support others. Don’t be so quick to judge people of color based on their location, upbringing or views. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but you can choose to make a difference every time you open your eyes! Remember, love heals all!

Where can we follow Linda?

If you want to know more about Linda Elaine, and follow her along on her journey, here are her socials:
Instagram: @iamlindaelaine
YouTube Channel: iamLindaElaine
Enialē Cosmetics:

For a list of ways to support #BlackLivesMatter, check out this page.


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