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Influencer Spotlight – Imani Wade @imaniinspires

Meet Author, Blogger, YouTuber and my dear friend, Imani Wade.

I also met Imani (aka @imaniinspires on IG) through Christina Galbato‘s Influencer Bootcamp Facebook group just by me responding to her questions on the group about building her blogging/influencer journey, and because of a few exchanges, it really turned into a genuine connection that I’m grateful for. We both reached out to each other about our own projects a month ago, and when we met up on Zoom to collaborate ideas for her blog, Worth her Wonder, we took the time to learn about each other’s lives and upbringing.

It’s so amazing to me that God has us all connected by a thin thread–that we find each other at the right place, the right time, and the right decision. If I didn’t have this inate need to help answer questions and provide value, I wouldn’t have met Imani. It’s safe to say that I have successfully found the Libra to my Aries (she says she’s found the Aries to her Libra LOL). She has definitely blessed me with her presence and I’m proud to call her my sister in Christ. I only hope to grow from her light and wonder.

Imani uses all of her platforms to inspire women of all backgrounds to pursue faith, wellness, travel & wonder. Her book (which I just purchased by the way), “Breaking up with the Bad Girl” is a memoir self-help story for women seeking to grow and heal themselves. Her blog, Worth Her Wonder (Coming soon!), is an online community connecting women of all backgrounds to live a life of wonder.

How has being a Black woman impacted the way you pursue your dreams?

Being a Black woman has made me work even harder. Because I grew up with a single mom, in a lower income home, I had to realize that nobody was going to give it to me. Nobody is going to give me my dreams. Due to my race, and being a woman, I know that I have to work even harder.

How do you manage your wellness as a Black woman?

I legit have to schedule in self-care days, unplug from the world and focus on being present for myself. Black women are taught to “be strong” and often times, we forget to become vulnerable and take care of ourselves. Our culture is finally equipping us to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health and I couldn’t be happier about this!

Worth Her Wonder is a blog and a community for ALL women. Tell me what influenced this decision?

I knew that Worth Her Wonder was meant for all women to be unified together. I wanted it to obviously be a space for my girls yet also a reflection of my current life. It reflects the current friendships and connections that I’ve made thus far. We can learn, love and live a life of wonder together.

Where can we follow Imani?

If you want to know more about Imani, and follow her along on her journey, here are her socials:
Instagram: @imaniinspires
YouTube: Imani Inspires
Blog: Coming Soon
Buy her Book: Breaking Up with the Bad Girl on Amazon

For a list of ways to support #BlackLivesMatter, check out this page.


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