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Empowering words for women IWD


5 Empowering Words for Women Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

Every March 8th, International Women’s Day celebrates social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women across the globe. From simple actions like offering empowering words for women on social media, to small grassroots gatherings, to large-scale events, it’s celebrated everywhere.

The first gathering for International Women’s Day took place over a century ago in 1911. Over one million women and men attended rallies to campaign for women’s rights. More than a hundred years later, we’ve made strides (hello, Madam Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris – a great example of strong independent women!) but we’re STILL fighting for gender equality.

Empowering words for women IWD

This day every year is a big day for inspiration. It’s a big day for change. And a big day to boost women’s equality. The theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is #ChooseToChallenge because “a challenged world is an alert world.” Think about the following questions:

How will you help in establishing a more gender equal world? How will you celebrate women’s achievements? How will you fight against gender bias? How will you lift up other women? 

If you need motivation, here are a few powerful reminders and empowering words for women everywhere. When we #ChooseToChallenge inequities through our individual actions, collectively we can help establish a more inclusive world.

Empowering words for women #1: Your emotions don’t make you weak. Normalize feeling them openly.

On the contrary, we’re stronger for it because our emotions empower us to rise. When we nurture and care about others, we work together to support each other. When we think about those around us, we can positively affect someone else’s life forever. 

And when we tap into our emotions, we can love fiercely. But too often we forget to love ourselves. Remember to have that same passionate love we have for others – whether it be a partner, children, family, friends, etc. – for yourself. Let’s love our bodies, own our sexualities, and appreciate every curve or imperfection. These all make us who we are.

Empowering words for women #2: Be a cheerleader!

No matter how small or big a woman’s win is, celebrate it. In a world where “the hustle/grind” is glamorized and success is put in a box, we need to take moments to applaud our fellow women wherever they are in life. Because success can be as simple as accepting who you are and being a work in progress.

When someone needs help, lend a hand. If they fail, acknowledge it, then encourage them to keep going. Fellow women can be our own biggest cheerleaders or biggest critics. Which would you rather be?

Empowering words for women #3: You are all  powerful, strong independent women.

You’re more powerful than what your inner psyche says. Small-thinking is a thing of the past. In a world where haters are plenty, think harder, dream bigger, manifest often. Give yourself the credit you deserve for what you are really capable of because your potential is limitless. You’re strong independent women, no matter what anyone says. Don’t give others the power by doubting yourself.

Empowering words for women #4: Secure the bag. You deserve it.

Building off of the previous point, once you realize how powerful you are, accomplish those goals. Follow those dreams. Ask for that raise and double your rates. You deserve anything you put your mind to where you are willing to put the work in.

Empowering words for women #5: You can do all things a man can do, then some. And you can do it bleeding.

It’s a male-driven world, but not for long. For years on end, women have been working twice as hard to overcome challenges, stereotypes, and stigmas that are roadblocks to our advancement. But we have moved the needle, and we will change the world by continuing to move it together as strong independent women.

Continue to be unstoppable in every hurdle, even when you make a mistake or fail. Don’t change yourself for anyone, but you. Be relentless in speaking up and advocating for yourself, your dreams, and other women. Be uniquely and unapologetically you.

How will you #ChooseToChallenge the status quo?

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