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The Ultimate 4-Part Mini Guide on How to Become an Influencer & Kill it on Social Media


More often than not, every time I share an influencer topic, take y’all with me behind the scenes (like when I shared this BS “ambassador” email I got), or even when I partner with a big brand, I get a plethora of messages on my inbox asking me how I did it, how long it took me to get where I am, and how they can become an influencer too.

And since a lot of us are indoors from COVID-19, I’m sure even more of you are curious.

how to become an influencer

The first question I always ask back is Why do you want to be an influencer?

Believe it or not, most answers I will get are, “I want more Instagram followers” or “I want to get sponsored.” And to be quite honest, I’ve always been curious as to WHY that is.

I mean, I get that the curb appeal of the influencer lifestyle looks like a dream, getting freebies and getting paid to attend events, travel or promote a brand everybody loves. But if this is a direction you’re really serious about, I want y’all to UNLEARN ALL THAT.

Don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place! I’ve written the ultimate 4-part guide – a mini crash course if you will – on HOW TO get your feet wet in the social media influencer world. In these 4 posts, I’m giving you the tools you need to maximize your potential, get started on your influencer journey, and a deeper look into my own personal world.

What to know if you want to become an influencer:

1. Your WHY

Going beyond money or fame, I’ll help you dive deeper into discovering the reasons you want to be an influencer. Most people want to use their influence to empower or inspire. With prompts for self-reflection, we’ll pinpoint why empowering and inspiring your community as an influencer is important to you.

2. Who is your audience?

Let’s keep it real – as an influencer, you can’t please everyone. Knowing who your audience is helps you figure out what kind of content to create. But if you wanna be an influencer, knowing your audience goes beyond, “They’re interested in makeup and skincare.”

You gotta know stuff like what they want, how they spend their free time, and how they invest their time and money. There’s some extra credit in this post you’ll definitely wanna check out!

3. Increasing engagement on your content

Who loves strategy? Because I do!! Everyone loves to hate on the algorithm, but approaching Instagram strategically is key to become an influencer. In Part 3, I’m sharing 5 of my most trusted tips that will help you come up with a plan to level up your IG game, like TODAY.

4. Organically grow your following

If you want to become an influencer, it’s not just about the number of your followers. While growing your audience is the goal, it’ll take some time.

You can totally be an influencer with only 1K followers if you’re providing value to your audience, so don’t try to grow by paying for followers or using bots. I’ll teach you a few ways to grow organically.


Head over to part 1 to get started and find your WHY – which is the most important of all if you want to become an influencer. Be sure to read all 4 parts so you can start killin’ it on social media and get some extra goodies I’ve sprinkled throughout these posts.

After you’ve gotten started on your journey to be an influencer, if you want the EXACT tools and strategies I use to land brand partnerships, check out my Influencer Starter Kit for everything you need right at your fingertips!

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